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Member Success Stories

We have recently hosted the OpExChange members for a visit at our site. There was significant benefit attained as the feedback and perspectives of the Alliance members were invaluable in helping us drive toward continuous improvement. The varied disciplines and experiences of the members generated both questions and suggestions that not only challenged our team but highlighted areas of strength and best in class. The OpExChange visits are an excellent way for us to share best practices as a manufacturing community in a bid to making the Upstate SC the area of choice for US manufacturing.

— Michael Walters, Ascend Materials

Hosting an event has been a great tool for us. Events are meant to help benchmark progress in your lean or process implementation, but for us hosting has meant much more. Having our peers come in with fresh eyes, we not only found out what we could improve on, but also found out what we do well. Being reassured that you do something “good” gives you confidence to go on to the next challenge. These “pluses & deltas” have helped us get better. Hosting is not only a great way to share ideas and solutions, it is also a great way to meet some great folks and create lasting friendships and contacts for years to come.

— Tony Greenway, ABB

I highly recommend OpExChange members consider hosting an event at least once a year, the benefits greatly exceed any time you invest to prepare. When Sleep Number hosted it’s last event we were able to; meet a couple new members face-to-face, recognize our production team members for the great work they’ve been doing, and receive valuable plus/ delta (positive/ and opportunity) feedback from South Carolina Lean experts. The feedback was very insightful and it was free. I know several companies that hire paid consultants and they rarely get any better insights than what we received at the close of our event. Hosting is an excellent two way communication tool to help you advance your Lean journey.

— Todd Markward, Sleep Number

Being a member of OpExChange has many benefits beyond just benchmarking other companies in South Carolina. By hosting events you are able to invite others to provide feedback on your process improvements. Much can be learned at the conclusion of an event through a plus/delta evaluation where members provide input as to what they see beneficial but also what they would do differently. It really gives you an outside view of your performance compared to others. Hosting events allows you to ask questions about areas you may need to improve and help your company to become more successful. Hosting is like having a group of free consultants visit and give suggestions to help you move towards excellence. It is a great exchange of learning.

— Carl Rogers, VELUX

At AHT Cooling Systems we value the opportunity of hosting events at our site for the many benefits it can provide to our organization. When determining a topic for an event it provides AHT with a chance to highlight a team or individual who has provided a significant contribution and to provide recognition to them internally and to a wider audience. Additionally, the honest feedback from attendees provides AHT with a list of the positives things we do and a list of areas for improvement. We take these lists and give recognition to the teams that were identified as doing well and fold the areas of improvement into our action plan of projects for the coming 12 months. During our last event it was identified that our Preventative Maintenance was looking at the past and did not help us to predict what might happen in the future. From this we were able to revamp our metrics for Preventative Maintenance with more real time results that allow us to react quicker to potential problems.

— Christopher Ginnett, AHT Cooling Systems USA

Advanced Tools

Accelerated learning in the tools, techniques and technologies that are proven to help companies reach the next level and maximize their business potential.

Peer-Based Collaboration

Proven ideas for greater competitiveness, both locally and globally, through problem solving and focused peer-based collaboration on specific issues.

Timely Insights

Timely and critical insights into how emerging technologies are going to affect your industry allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest business practices.

Improved Performance

Improved performance – On average, member companies report $2M economic impact on their business through OpExChange peer-to-peer collaborations.


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Lean Manufacturing Provides Game-Changing Opportunities for Improvement, Growth, and Renewal

Lean manufacturing is a process aimed at reducing waste without forgoing productivity during the manufacturing process. Streamlining the production process using lean manufacturing allows for the implementation of efficient practices to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, providing your business more room for improvement, growth and renewal.

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Through our unique and carefully organized peer-to-peer network of companies, OpExChange offers veteran insight from professional leadership to help guide you towards longterm business success and implement effective strategies to make your business grow and improve. Take advice and guidance from some of the best in the business to take your business to the next level.

Industry 4.0 : The Next Manufacturing Revolution

Are you looking to streamline your business, boost production efficiency and move towards longterm success in an evolving business digital landscape? Say hello to Industry 4.0, the next revolution in manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is a smarter way to conduct your manfucaturing and improve your production process, via the use of digital automation, wireless connectivity and sensors, improved data management, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and more.